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Immerse yourself in a realm of academic excellence through our Student Notion Template, carefully designed to ignite and accelerate your learning adventure. This student template seamlessly blends sophistication with functionality, infusing your school adventure with an air of elegance and a burst of efficiency.

Why you will love it...

📚 Courses Page: Wave goodbye to academic chaos! Wrangle your courses, lectures, and important stuff all in one spot.

📓 Notebook Section: Capture your class notes, research, and musings in a neatly organized digital notebook. Your knowledge, accessible anywhere, anytime.

📝 Exams & Assignments: Strategize your study sessions and assignment timelines with ease. Approach exams confidently and conquer assignments effectively.

📌 Job Application Tracker: Adulting made easier. Take charge of your career path by monitoring job applications, interviews, and networking opportunities.

🎯 School Goals: Set, pursue, and achieve your academic and personal aspirations. Maintain focus and drive throughout your college journey.

🏠 Dorm Checklist: Moving into a dorm? We got you covered with a checklist that'll have your roomie jealous of your organizational skills

⏰ Daily Schedule: Curate a balanced routine that accommodates classes, study sessions, relaxation, and social engagements.

⏲️ Pomodoro Timer: Conquer procrastination with work sprints and mini dance parties in between. Productivity can be fun, who knew?

📖 Daily Journal: Reflect on your progress, challenges, and triumphs. Foster self-awareness and personal development.

📋 Task Tracker: Keep chaos at bay by managing your to-do lists and tasks. Prioritize effectively and experience a sense of accomplishment.

💧 Water Tracker: Monitor your hydration levels to bolster your overall well-being and cognitive function.

🌟 Gratitude Log: Find joy in the little things. Jot down your daily "Yay!" moments and keep the good vibes flowing.

💪 Fitness Planner: Seamlessly incorporate fitness into your routine with exercise plans, progress monitoring, and wellness objectives.

🌸 Skincare Tracker: Practice self-care with a skincare routine tracker, ensuring you radiate confidence alongside academic achievements.

😊 Mood Log: Monitor your emotions and mental well-being. Recognize patterns and prioritize self-care during demanding periods.

🎯 Vision Board: Dream big and let your goals run wild! A digital vision board to make those dreams a reality.

The Student Notion Planner is designed to elevate your academic experience, promoting efficiency, organization, and personal growth.


Q: What is Notion?

A: Notion is an all-in-one workspace where you can create, organize, and share your notes, tasks, projects, and more. It offers a wide range of features, including databases, calendars, to-do lists, among others.

Q: How will I receive the template?

After purchase, you'll receive a link to duplicate the Notion template to your workspace.

Q: Is Notion free?

A: Yes! Notion offers a free plan that includes most of its basic features.

Q: Is Notion easy to use?

A: Yes, Notion is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a drag-and-drop interface and customizable templates.

Q: I have more questions.

Send your question at and I will be more than happy to answer :)

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Take your college experience to the next level with our ultimate Student Notion Template. Organize courses, notes, goals, wellness and more for a seamless academic journey.

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Notion Student Planner | Notion Student Template

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